Get Account Beginning Balances Lists

Use this method to get accounts lists. See our HTTP GET documentation for complete queries method.

The following elements are returned in the get accounts lists methods response :

Body Response

Element Description
department* Element for department. Unique code for identifier department id String.
department.code department code String. department name String
project* Element for project. Unique code for identifier department id String.
project.code project code String. project name String
account* Element for account. Unique code for identifier department id String.
account.code account code String. account name String
account.alias_name account alias name String
currency* Element for currency. Unique code for identifier currency id String.
currency.code Currency code String. Currency name String
currency.symbol Currency symbol String.
currency.is_base Based currency true or false Boolean.
exchange_rate Exchange rate number
debit_origin Debit amount real currency number
credit_origin Credit amount real currency number
debit Debit amount number
credit Credit amount number