Get products prices Lists

Use this method to get Products prices lists. See our HTTP GET documentation for complete queries method.

The following elements are returned in the get Products prices lists methods response :

Body Response

Element Description
id Unique code for identifier cash in transaction. String. Automatically
product* Element for product Product id. String. Automatically
product.code Product code. String maximum 100 characters Product name. String maximum 255 characters
unit* Element for unit Unit. id. String. Automatically
unit.code Unit code. String maximum 100 characters Unit name. String maximum 255 characters
department* Element for unit department Department id String. Automatically
department.code Department code. String maximum 100 characters Department name. String maximum 255 characters
customer_classification* Element for unit customer classification Customer classification id. String. Automatically Customer classification name. String. maximum 255 characters
currency* Element for currency Currency id String. Automatically Currency name String. maximum 150
currency.code Currency code String. maximum 3
currency.symbol Currency symbol String. maximum 1
quantity* Element for quantity
quantity.minimum Quantity minimum
quantity.maximum Quantity maximum
price* Element for prices
price.type The price.type must be one of the following types: fixed_price, markdown_from_standar_price, markup_from_last_buying_price, markup_from_cogs, margin_from_last_buying_price, margin_from_cogs.
price.amount Price amount String